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Kenmont Charging & Remissions Policy

SMSC Policy 2019

Kenmont Charging & Remissions Policy 2020

Kenmont Debt Management Policy 2018 (currently under review)

Kenmont Finance Policy 2020 (Awaiting LA financial procedures document)

Kenmont intimate and personal care policy 2019

Educational Visits Policy 2020

Equality policy 2019

Equalities statement

Every local authority (LA) is required by law to have a SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education), Kenmont Primary School uses the SACRE guidance in accordance with Hammersmith and Fulham. We conduct an act of collective worship on a daily basis according to the government guidance. Click the link below to access the full guidance.



Drug and Alcohol Policy

Food Policy

Mental Health and Well-Being policy

Physical Activity Policy

Remote Learning Policy

Statutory Information


Safeguarding-Policy-Autumn 2020-2021

Safeguarding COVID Annexe

2018-19 Kenmont School Offer for SEND (SEN Information Report)

2018-2019 Sports Premium Report

Pupil Premium Report 2019

Accessibility Plan Spring 19

Disability Equality Scheme Autumn 2019

Online Safety Policy 2020

More Able Pupil Policy spring 2022

Gender Equality Policy 2019

SRE policy Spring 2020

Whistle Blowing Policy – spring 2019

Medical Conditions Policy spring 2020

Complaints procedure 2020

Serial and unreasonable complaints policy 2020

SEN Policy spring 2020


Anti-Bullying Policy 2021

Behaviour policy 2021

Teaching-and-Learning-Policy-spring 2020


Policies currently under review

Data Protection Policy draft KPS