Key Stage 2

Learning in Key Stage 2

Curriculum Map KS2

Key Stage 2 covers Years 3 to 6 (children aged 7 to 11). The focus in this age group is increasingly to use and apply the basic skills learnt in Key Stage 1 across all subjects, whilst aiming for the highest possible standards of effort and personal achievement. We want children to become active, creative learners rather than passive receivers of information. At the end of Year 6, children sit the Key Stage 2 tests (SATs).

As in Key Stage 1, parents can support children’s learning by encouraging work at home and helping to ensure timely completion of all homework.

Curriculum letters 

Autumn 2019 curriculum letters to follow.


Curriculum in Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 aims to provide a rich, effective education where all subjects are well planned and resourced, set within the context of the National Curriculum. Staff refine and improve the curriculum in light of children’s responses.

In addition, we welcome visitors into the school in order to enrich the experience of our children. These include musicians, artists and local politicians, as well as parents with particular skills or experiences to share.

The amount of time children spend on each subject varies according to year group, but at least two hours each day are spent on literacy and numeracy, and we aim to maximise links between all other subjects and these key areas.