School Journey Day 4 - part 2!

School Journey Day 4 – part 2!

September 30, 2014
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I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. I got out of bed and did farm jobs, I fed some pigs and chickens. The chickens were the best but it felt funny getting pecked on the hand.

After we finished the jobs we went to have some breakfast. It was so yummy and I was starving! I went to do my second job, it was herding goats into a pen. After that, we all went to sit in a bird watching place where the birds can stay. We all talked about it and then went back to have cookies.



This morning I got a little home sick but I am alright now, oh, I forgot to mention yesterday that we have different groups for farming. I am in group A, group A’s first job is pigs and poultry. After that, we had croissants (yummy). After breakfast we went to feed the goats again, they were really cute. We herded them in to their goat pen and then Rob, the farmer, led us through a field with a bird house in the middle (I called it the bird hut) next, we had lunch and went out on a coastal walk. When we got there it was beautiful, we saw amazing views and some baby seals.



When we arrived at the beach I made a seaweed face with Lauren then we tried to find crabs. Xan picked one up! After that we went back home and played football. Later we went to see baby cows and I went inside their pen with them and they were licking my leg because they thought I was their mum. Next we went to feed the sheep, after that we went to the older cows and fed them too, after we went to check the sheep and we also walked the dogs, then we came home and had apple pie with ice cream.