School Journey Day 3

School Journey Day 3

September 29, 2014
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Diary entries – School Journey



On Friday I woke up and put my clothes on, I went to eat breakfast – but I couldn’t! As I got on the white coach I stored my luggage away and we were off!

It was a long and uneventful journey with a brief stop for lunch. We also stopped by the beach where the kids (children not goats – we hadn’t met them yet!). We went to the toilet before playing on the beach where we had loads of fun!

When we got to the farm we had a snack and some squash and Welsh cakes before allocating dorms. After we did this we practiced the fire drill (which we only had to practice twice) and then unpacked our bags before retreating to the quiet room. Finally we had tea before playing games in the fields outside.

I helped to make hot chocolate and after that we went to bed, it took me a long time to get to sleep.



Dear diary, today we woke up early AT 6.30 and got changed, first we went to feed the carves, unfortunately the carves head butted Fred (which was funny). Then we had breakfast which was toast, eggs and porridge – I had a lot…after that we got to walk the dogs. My prediction tomorrow is that we will milk the cows or goats and then we will be meeting the wonderful energetic horses or the pink ponies. I think horses are better!



When I woke up in the morning the sun was rising then Mr Hubbard told us we need to get ready. The first chore was to feed the carves and sheep I was lucky because I got to go in with the carves and feed them milk. The next thing we did was go on an amazing coastal walk; we saw seals, otters and falcons. It was epic!!



After breakfast, which was delicious, we went out with Nick the farmer to the garden where we dug up potatoes and pulled up weeds and cabbages. Then we went into a small room filled with goat pens. We rounded all the goats up and separated three girls and one boy into four pens. Then we got milking.



The last bit of farming was really fun because we were with horses. First it was really disgusting when we had to pick up all, or most of the horse poo. Then we were walking the donkeys around the field saying “walk on” or “woah stop” to control them, then finally we groomed our horses. Mine was called Nick. When we finally got back we were singing songs and some people went for showers.



Today I woke up all ready to go farming, I was so excited! I changed and I was laughing with the girls and we got in groups. I went to walk the dogs, we saw a seal. The sheep dogs were herding the sheep. Then I went inside and now I am writing my diary.